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Tango DJ Jessica Carleson
Tango DJ Jessica Carleson, in a glittery dress by Tangoinstyle from Barcelona Tango Showroom.

Welcome to my blog
– Tango DJ Jessica Carleson

I have been a tango-dj since 2015. I dj regularly at milongas and practicas in Stockholm and have also done gigs from Umeå up north to Malmö down south. In August 2017 I did my first international gig at Summerdaze in Nijmegen, Holland. Since then I’ve been back to Nijmegen, to Bonn, Bad Schwalbach, Randers, and Reykjavik.

My last big gig in 2019 was Totally in Tango in Hamburg, 29 November-1 December.

Then came corona… and the world changed.

Patiently waiting for a return to normal, I’ve been organizing double role Praktika Dubbelt upp and summer milonga Tango i Sommarkvällen in Stockholm, corona-style. Travelling to my favourite events at El Corte in Holland and Totally in tango at different locations will have to wait…

I always strive to play music that has energy and warmth, that makes you want to dance! My favourite orchestras are Troilo, d’Arienzo and Biagi.
I can never resist Tanturi, Laurenz or Canaro.

Hire me as tango DJ

If you would like me to dj at your event – big or small – please send me an email:

I also have What’s app: +46 (0)766 106 900



  • 14 January Partylonga, Stockholm university, Stockholm
  • 20 January Milonga L’Orient, Linköping
  • 22 January Milonga Grammofon, Stockholm
  • 24 January Milonga Rost 5 år! Stockholm
  • 2-3 February Embrace noches de pasion, Bad Schwalbach, Germany
  • 14 February Alla hjärtans dag-milonga, Humilde, Stockholm
  • 15 February Vintermilonga, Kalmar
  • 20 February Tango Norte praktika, Alvik, Stockholm
  • 8 March Tango Norte milonga, Chicago, Stockholm
  • 17 March Milonga Tres Esquinas, Stockholm
  • 23 March Kolmårdsmilonga, Sandviksgården, Kolmården
  • 29–31 March Encuentro Cadena, Nijmegen, Holland
  • 6 April Festivalito aqui, Härnösand, Sweden
  • 27 April Kolmårdsmilonga, Sandviksgården, Kolmården
  • 8 May Tango Norte praktika, Alvik, Stockholm
  • 10 May Camarín, Malmö
  • 17 May Tango Norte milonga, Chicago, Stockholm
  • 20-30 June Midnight light tango, Umeå, Sweden
  • 6 July Tango i sommarkvällen, Stora Skuggan, Stockholm
  • 13 July Tango i sommarkvällen, Stora Skuggan, Stockholm
  • 15 July Tango Norte milonga, Jakobsbergs gård, Stockholm
  • 27 July Tango i sommarkvällen, Stora Skuggan, Stockholm
  • 19-21 July Totally in tango, Randers, Denmark
  • 10 August Tango i sommarkvällen, Stora Skuggan, Stockholm
  • 14 August Tango på plattan, Sergels torg, Stockholm
  • 12 September Humilde i det gröna, Stockholm
  • 15 September Tango på Ekbacken, Åkersberga
  • 27 September Tango Norte, Chicago, Stockholm
  • 17 October Rost, Stockholm
  • 23 October Tango Norte, Alvik
  • 26 October Kolmårdstango, Stavsjö, Kolmården
  • 10 November Tres Esquinas, Stockholm
  • 22 November Camarín, Malmö
  • 29 November – 1 December Totally in Tango, Hamburg
  • 14 December Tango 08, Stockholm
  • 16 December Praktika Dubbelt upp, Tellus, Stockholm

Gigs in 2018