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På dj-äventyr längre norrut än någonsin tidigare

Klockan 6.21 rullade tåget från Stockholm central och nu passerar undersköna Höga kusten utanför fönstret. Livet som tango-dj är inte så dumt 🙂
Första besöket i Umeå och Midnight Light tangofestival! Får hålla mig ända till söndag innan jag ska spela men då blir det drag under sulorna.
abrazo Jessica

Milonga, Milonga i Stockholm, Spelningar, Stora Skuggan 2019, Tango DJ, Tango i sommarkvällen

Tango i sommarkvällen 2019

Stora Skuggans dansbana
Stora Skuggans dansbana på norra Djurgården.

Tango och gofika på Djurgården

Psst… sommaren kommer. Och vi kommer att ordna milongor på Stora Skuggan för sjätte året i rad. 
Tango i sommarkvällen – när det blir som bäst! 
6 juli, 13 juli, 27 juli och 10 augusti.

Välkomna! Jessica Carleson och Kim Björnsdotter

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Busy weekend

Stockholm and Sundsvall – two cities and three milongas

Early autumn is often packed with events. Milongas that have been on summer brake open again, new venues are introduced, new organizers and dj:s present themselves.

On Friday I’ll dj at Tango Norte’s very first milonga at classic venue Chicago. I’m very honoured and hope this milonga will be popular and a longstanding success. Tango Norte is Stockholm’s largest and oldest tango club. On 27 October they will celebrate 30 years with a jubilee weekend.

On Saturday I’m off to Sundsvall and Dragon festivalito. I’m very exited to see Martin Maldonado and Maurizio Ghella perform and to dj in the beautiful city hall on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

Then back home and charge my battery for Oro de Bonn ….

Abrazo Jess

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Soon Totally in Tango!

When I’m at a marathon or encuentro, I seldom stay after midnight. I’ve never danced until five in the morning at an event. I’m too fond of the afternoon milongas and usually quite happy to get some sleep and rest my feet.

So here’s my challenge for the weekend: To dj 5,5 hours on a Saturday and trying to keep the energy on the floor past midnight… knowing how easy it is to give the night a rest if just one tanda feels ”not so much”… Pressure. Indeed.

See you in Randers, Denmark – for Totally in Tango!

Milonga, Milonga i Stockholm, Spelningar, Stora Skuggan 2018, Tango, Tango DJ, Tango i sommarkvällen, Tango i Stockholm

Äntligen sommarkvällar på Stora Skuggan

Stora Skuggans dansbana
Stora Skuggans dansbana på norra Djurgården.

My two favourite things

Swedish summer nights and Argentine tango, a delicious mix. On Saturday 30 June I’ll dj at Stora Skuggan, a beautiful venue next to a pond in Royal park Djurgården. Yes, it’s idyllic. Yes, we deserve it! Eight months of winter is no picknick, Swedes know how to embrace summer. What better way than to do it in a tango. Welcome to Tango i sommarkvällen – när det blir som bäst!

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DJ:s are the earliest of birds

Ask me what I’ll be doing in September and I have no clue what my day-job will be, but every week-end has been booked since early spring by marathons and festivals. This is not uncommon among the travelling clan of (female…) tango dancers as registrations for events usually open six months in advance. But as a tango-dj I now plan even earlier ahead.

My next gig will be Stockholm Tango Marathon, 15-17 June 2018. And on a narrow line at the last page of my calendar I this week scribbled Encuentro La Cadena, Nijmegen, Holland, 29-31 March, 2019.

Abrazo J