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Busy weekend

Stockholm and Sundsvall – two cities and three milongas

Early autumn is often packed with events. Milongas that have been on summer brake open again, new venues are introduced, new organizers and dj:s present themselves.

On Friday I’ll dj at Tango Norte’s very first milonga at classic venue Chicago. I’m very honoured and hope this milonga will be popular and a longstanding success. Tango Norte is Stockholm’s largest and oldest tango club. On 27 October they will celebrate 30 years with a jubilee weekend.

On Saturday I’m off to Sundsvall and Dragon festivalito. I’m very exited to see Martin Maldonado and Maurizio Ghella perform and to dj in the beautiful city hall on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

Then back home and charge my battery for Oro de Bonn ….

Abrazo Jess