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The floorfiller paradox

A tango dj’s hardest task – killing darlings

Fueron tres años.
El Adiós.
Oigo tú voz.

There are some tangos that instantly send a bolt of feelings through so many dancers. Music that is so evocative, danceable and beautiful that you would rather run a stiletto heel through your foot than sit it out.

I feel it too.
But, as a tango dj I take it upon myself not to play these songs too often. Rarely even. Yes, they are more than floorfillers, they are true evergreens and tango dancers appreciate dancing to music they know. However, if you have too many sweets at once – tastes get lost. You risk going from smitten to blasé. Unmoved and untouched… If a milonga is a string of well known hits – I think there is a risk that you’ll stop really listening to the music.

So, a well balanced meal. That is my motto. Fibers, colourful and crunchy bits, exciting tastes, spicy surprises and deliciously light and sweet highlights as well as rich and mature dishes. That’s is what I’d like to serve in a milonga.

Bon provecho!